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Business in Benguela, West of Angola

Benguela Railway, Ovimbundu, manganese, trade link (Business in Angola)

Benguela is the second Angolan city (Central Africa) after Luanda

  1. Benguela is the capital of the Benguela province (West of Angola)
  2. Population of Benguela: 510,000 inhabitants
  3. Benguela is an important trade link between the West and East of Angola (Benguela Railway)
  4. The main agricultural products are coffee, corn, sisal, sugar cane and tobacco
  5. The leading industries in Benguela are fish processing and sugarcane milling
  6. Important manganese deposits
  7. The Port of Lobito is 29 kilometres to the North of Benguela

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Foreign Trade and Business in Benguela Angola

  1. Municipality: Benguela
  2. Climate of Benguela: tropical
  3. The main language in Benguela is Portuguese
  4. The main religion in Benguela is Christianity
  5. 1578: foundation of Benguela-a-Velha (History of Angola)
  6. Benguela was one of the centres of the Portuguese commerce in inland Africa.
  7. Angolan Province: Benguela

Transport and Logistics in Benguela - Angola

Port of Lobito, Angola. Benguela Railway. Access to DR Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Benguela Railway (Caminho of Ferro of Benguela)

  1. The Benguela Railway links the Atlantic Ocean (Port of Lobito, Angola) with the Indian Ocean
  2. The main cities are Lobito, Benguela, Cubal, Ganda, Tchindjenje, Ukuma, Longonjo, Caala, Huambo, Chinguar, Cunhinga, Kuito, Catabola, Camacupa, Cuamba, Luena, Lewa, Cameia, Luau and Luau
  3. Access to Luau (Eastern border)
  4. Access to Katanga (the DR Congo, Lubumbashi, Katanga Railway)
  5. Access to Zambia. Link to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
  6. Access to South Africa
  7. The railroad is 1,067 mm (used by most railways in Southern Africa).
  8. The maximum design speed is 90 km/h. The nominal capacity is 20 million tons of goods and 4 million passengers per year.
  9. There are 67 stations and 42 bridges along the railway.

Foreign Trade and Business in Kuito Angola

Benguela province (West of Angola)

  1. Capital: Benguela
  2. Population of the Benguela Province: 2.1 million inhabitants
    1. 1998: 298,000
  3. Area of the Benguela Province: 39,826 km²
  4. The ten municipalities are Baia-Farta, Balombo, Benguela, Bocoio, Caimbambo, Catumbela, Chongorói, Cubal, Ganda and Lobito
  5. The largest ethnic groups of the Benguela Province are Ovimbundu and Ngangela
  6. The main languages of the Benguela Province are Portuguese and Umbundu
  7. Neighbouring provinces: Cuanza Sul, Namibe, Huila and Huambo
  8. 1615: creation of the Kingdom of Benguela by the Portuguese crown
  9. Slave Trade (Mbaka)

Cabinda, Lubango

Higher Education in Benguela (Angola)

  1. Katyavala Bwila University (Benguela)

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