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International Trade and Business in Kuito (Angola, Central Africa), Masters and Doctorates in Global Business

Kuito (Cuito) is the administrative capital of the Bié province in the centre of Angola (Central Africa)

  1. Kuito is an important regional commercial centre
  2. Population of Kuito: 477,000 inhabitants
  3. Area of Kuito: 4,814 square kilometres
  4. The main language in Kuito is Portuguese
  5. The main religion in Kuito is Christianity
  6. Elevation of Kuito: 1.695 metres
  7. The contiguous municipalities of Kuito are Cunhinga, Catabola, Camacupa, Chitembo and Chinguar.
  8. Kingdom of the Ovimbundus (History of Angola)
  9. 1750: foundation of Kuito (Silva Porto)
  10. Kuito had a long history of violence related to the African Slave Trade
  11. After the Independence in 1975 (Portugal), Kuito experienced its worst moments on January 6, 1993, when UNITA, during the Angolan civil war, besieged the city for more than nine months and more than 30,000 people died due to the war and the famine.

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Business in Kuito Angola (Master, Doctorate)


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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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Bié province (Angola)

  1. Capital of the Bié province: Kuito
  2. Population of the Bié province: 1.8 million people
  3. Area of the Bié province: 70,314 square kilometres
  4. The municipalities are Andulo, Camacupa, Catabole, Chinguar, Chitembo, Cuemba, Cunhinga, Kuito and Nharea
  5. Neighbouring provinces:
    1. North: Kwanza Sul, Malanje, Lunda Sul
    2. East: Moxico
    3. South: Quand-Cubango
    4. West: Huíla and Huambo
  6. Kwanza River
  7. The largest ethnic groups are Bieno (sub-group of Ovimbundu)
  8. The main language is Portuguese
  9. Bié is one of the regions most affected by the Angolan civil war

Transport and Logistics in Kuito - Angola

  1. The Benguela Railway passes through Kuito
    1. Access to the Port of Lobito
  2. Kuito Airport

Logistics Course: Port of Lobito (Angola)

Cabinda, Lubango

Higher Education in Kuito (Angola)

  1. University November 11th (Kuito)

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