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Doing Business in Lobito, Benguela (Master Angola)

Trade and Business in Lobito (Benguela, Angola, Central Africa). Masters and Doctorates in Global Trade

Lobito is a city of the Benguela province of Angola (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Lobito: 800,000 inhabitants
  2. Lobito is the largest Angolan logistics centre

Port of Lobito (Transport and Logistics of Lobito - Angola)

  1. The Port of Lobito is the second Angolan port
  2. The Port of Lobito is on the Angolan Atlantic coast, north of the Catumbela estuary.
  3. The Port Society of Lobito manages the port
  4. The Port of Lobito handles 2,000,000 tons of cargo and 370 vessels per year.
  5. Access to Benguela, Huambo, Lubango, Silva Porto, Camacupa, Menonge, Cuvelai, Kuito, Namacunde, Lubango and Luanda.
  6. Access to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe and Zambia
  7. Benguela Railway (Atlantic Ocean - Indian Ocean)
  8. The port of Lobito has a large mechanical system for loading ore (Kassinga iron) as well as corn silos
  9. The Port of Lobito is 29 kilometres south of Benguela

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  1. Lobito is on the Angolan Atlantic coast north of the Catumbela estuary.
  2. Contiguous municipalities: Sumbe, Bocoio and Benguela
  3. Communes: Lobito, Egypt Praia and Canjala
  4. The main language of Lobito is Portuguese
  5. The main religion in Lobito is Christianity
  6. 1905: foundation of Lobito, maritime terminal of the Benguela railway to the Angolan inland, passing through Luau in Katanga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (History of Angola)

Business in Angola (Doctorate)

Lobito Corridor

  1. Access to Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Katanga) and Zambia
  2. Benguela Railway

Lobito Corridor Africa (Course)

Business in Kuito Angola (Master, Doctorate)


Higher Education of Lobito (Angola)

  1. University of Katyavala Bwila (Benguela)

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