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Business in Huambo, Angola

Doing Business in Huambo (Master Angola)

International Trade and Business in Huambo (Angola), Central Africa, Masters and Doctorates in Global Business

Huambo is the second Angolan city (Central Africa) after Luanda

  1. Population of Huambo: 1.3 million inhabitants (huambenses)

Angolan Province: Huambo

  1. Capital: Huambo
  2. Population of the Huambo Province: 1.9 million inhabitants
  3. Area of the Huambo Province: 34,270 square kilometres (one of the smallest Angolan provinces)
  4. Huambo is the richest agricultural province of Angola
    1. 22% of the Angolan cereal production
    2. 76% of the economic activity of the Huambo Province
    3. The main agricultural products are corn, millet, beans, cassava, sweet potato and potatoes
  5. The main mineral resources of the Huambo Province are manganese, diamonds, tungsten, iron, gold, silver, copper and uranium
  6. The number of mines and unexploded ordnance in the province is unknown. On average, eight mine accidents are reported per month.
  7. The eleven municipalities of the Huambo Province are Huambo, Bailundo, Ekunha, Caála, Catchiungo (formerly Bela Vista), Londuimbale, Longonjo, Mungo, Tchicala-Tcholoanga (formerly Vila Nova), Tchindjenje and Ucuma (formerly Cuma).
  8. Neighbouring provinces: Kuanza Sul, Bie, Benguela and Huila

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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  1. Municipality: Huambo
  2. Contiguous municipalities: Bailundo, Tchicala-Tcholoanga, Chipindo, Caála (239,000 people) and Ekunha
  3. Communes of Huambo:: Chipipa, Huambo and Kalima
  4. Huambo is on a plateau at more than 1,774 meters above sea level, near the sources of the Kunene River
  5. Climate of Huambo: tropical
  6. The largest ethnic group in Huambo are Bantu
  7. The main language in Huambo is Portuguese
  8. The main religion in Huambo is Christianity
    1. Archdiocese of Huambo
  9. 1912: foundation of Nueva Lisboa (Huambo)
  10. Construction of the Benguela Railway line, designed to transport the mineral from the rich Katanga region to the Atlantic coast
    Kingdoms Ovimbundu (History of Angola)
  11. 1928 - 1975: Nova Lisboa

Transport and Logistics in Huambo - Angola

Logistics Course: Port of Lobito (Angola)

  1. Huambo is the centre of the Benguela Railway (BFC), which connects the Port of Lobito with the southernmost province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Katanga.
  2. Access to Kuito
  3. Albano Machado Airport (formerly New Lisbon Airport).

Distances from Huambo to:

  1. Luanda: 600 kilometres
  2. Benguela: 200 kilometres

Business in Angola (Doctorate)

Cabinda, Lubango

Higher Education in Huambo (Angola)

  1. University José Eduardo dos Santos (Huambo)

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