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History of Djibouti (Doctorate)

History of Djibouti (Doctorate in African Business)

Djibouti (East Africa) has been inhabited since the Neolithic (Afro-Asian language people)

  1. 7th century: Islamisation of Djibouti
  2. 1285 - 1415: Sultanate of Ifat
    1. Founded by the Walashma dynasty
    2. Capital: Zeila
    3. 1332: Emperor Amda Seyon I of Ethiopia defeats the Sultan
  3. 1415 - 1577: Sultanate of Adal
    1. Capital: Zeila
    2. Control of Djibouti and large areas of Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia.
    3. Battles with Abyssinia
  4. 1577 - 1867: Eyalet Ottoman (Egypt)
  5. 1894 - 1977: French coast of the Somalis
  6. 1896 - 1967: French administration
  7. 1967: French territory of Afar and Issas
  8. 1977: Independence (France)

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