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Transport in Eritrea

Transport and Logistics in Eritrea (East Africa, Master in Foreign Trade)

Transport in Eritrea (East Africa)


  1. The Eritrean Railway links Agordat and Asmara with the Port of Massawa
  2. 317 kilometres of narrow gauge railway of 950 mm in Eritrea.

Eritrean Roads (4,010 kilometres)

  1. Asmara-Ghinda-Massawa
  2. Asmara-Adi Tekelezan-Keren
  3. Asmara-Adi Keyh-Senafe
  4. Asmara-Mendefera-Marebeluve River (border with Ethiopia)
  5. Keren-Barentu-Tesseney
  6. Massawa-Tiyo-Asseb
  7. Asseb-Bure
  8. Gahtelai-Shebah-She'eb
  9. Serejeqa-Shebah

Ports of Eritrea

Port of Assab

  1. West Coast of the Red Sea
  2. The Port of Assab declined since trade with Ethiopia ended in 1998 due to the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
  3. The UAE used the port and the airport for its Logistics

Port of Massawa

  1. Next to the Eritrean sea, at the northern end of the Gulf of Zula and next to the Dahlak archipelago.
  2. Important port for many centuries
  3. Massawa was the capital of the Italian colony
  4. Station on the railway line in Asmara.
  5. Ferries to the Dahlak Islands and to the neighbouring Island of Sheikh Saeed
  6. Asmara-Massawa cable car, built by Italy, connects the port of Massawa with the city of Asmara.

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Airports of Eritrea

  1. Asmara International Airport
  2. Assab International Airport
  3. Massawa International Airport

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