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History of Eritrea. Kingdom of D'mt

Kingdom of Aksum. One Culture. Eritrean History (Africa)

Eritrea (East Africa)

  1. Remains of hominids that represent a possible link between the Homo erectus and an archaic Homo sapiens (Buya)
  2. Neolithic: the first Afro-Asian populations arrive
  3. Punt (XXV century BC): Eritrea, with Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia (north) and Sudan (coast of the Red Sea), are considered the most likely place of origin of the ancient Egyptians
  4. Gash Group (2500 and 1500 BC)
  5. Culture One (800 and 400 BC)
  6. 8th and 7th centuries BC: the Kingdom of D'mt
  7. Eritrea and a part of Ethiopia
    1. Capital: Yeha
  8. Kingdom of Eritrea
  9. 100 - 940 BC: the Kingdom of Aksum was a trading empire in Eritrea and northern Ethiopia
  10. 15th century: Kingdom Medri Bahri
  11. 1890 - 1947: the Italian Eritrea was a colony of the Kingdom of Italy in the territory of the present Eritrea
  12. 1941: the British forces defeat the Italian army in Eritrea
  13. Colony under the British military administration
  14. UN: Federation of Eritrea with Ethiopia
  15. 1962: Emperor Haile Selassie (Ethiopia) unilaterally dissolves the Eritrean Parliament and illegally annexes Eritrea
  16. 1962-1974: Ethiopia-Eritrea war
  17. 1889: foundation of Asmara
  18. 1993: Independence from Ethiopia

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