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Business in Guéckédou, Guinea

International Trade and Business in Guéckédou (Guinea): the third most populated Guinean city (Master)

Doing Business in Guéckédou (Guinea, West Africa), Kissis, Master in Foreign Trade and Global Marketing

Guéckédou (Guéckédougou) is a city of the Republic of Guinea (West Africa)

  1. Population of the city of Guéckédou: 347,000 inhabitants
    1. Guéckédou is the third most populated Guinean city (after Conakry and Nzérékoré)
  2. The focus of Ebola epidemic (2014) was on Guéckédou

Region: Guéckédou

  1. Population of the Guéckédou region: 405,000 inhabitants
  2. Borders of the Guéckédou region: Liberia and Sierra Leone
  3. Area of the Guéckédou region: 4,400 square kilometres
  4. Main ethnic group of Guéckédou: Kissi
    1. Kissi (1 million people) is a West-African people (Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone)
    2. The main spoken language in Guéckédou is Kissi (nigero-congolese language)
      1. Kissi is an official language of Guinea

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Prefecture: Guéckédou (County capital). Subprefecture of Guéckédou

  1. Guéckédou Centre
  2. Bolodou
  3. Fangamadou
  4. Guendembou
  5. Kassadou
  6. Koundou
  7. Nongoa
  8. Ouéndé-Kénéma
  9. Tekoulo

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