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Business in Nzérékoré (Guinea) Guéckédou

Foreign Trade and Business in Nzérékoré, Yomou, Macenta, Guerzé, Manon (Forested Guinea)

Nzérékoré is the third city by population of the Republic of Guinea (West Africa), after Conakry (Guinean capital) and Kankan

  1. Population of Nzérékoré: 300,000 inhabitants
  2. Main economic activities in Nzérékoré: trade, livestock and agriculture
  3. Nzérékoré is near the border with Ivory Coast and Liberia
  4. Main ethnicities in Nzérékoré: Guerzé and Manon
  5. Other ethnicities are Koniake, Fula, Tomas and Susu
  6. Main spoken languages in Nzérékoré: Kpelle, Koniake and Mano

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Foreign Trade and Business, Guinea Guinea (Nzérékoré)

Guinean Students (Nzérékoré) Master in International Business

  1. Masters: Business in Africa, Transport in Africa, International Business, Foreign Trade
  2. Doctorates: African Business, World Trade, Global Logistics

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Foreign Trade and Business in Nzérékoré

  1. Guinean region: Nzérékoré
  2. Natural region: Forested Guinea (Guinée forestière, South-West of Guinea)
  3. Prefecture: Nzérékoré (County capital)
  4. Other prefectures:
    1. Macenta
    2. Guéckédou
    3. Beyla
    4. Lola
    5. Yomou

Higher Education in Nzérékoré (Guinea)

  1. Higher Education Centre of N'Zérékoré

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