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Business in Kétou, Plateau (Benin)

International Trade and Business in Kétou, Adja-Ouèrèé (Plateau Department, Benin), Yoruba

Doing Business in Kétou, Ifangni, Pobè, Sakét (Republic of Benin). Masters and Doctorates in Global Trade.

The city of Kétou is the County capital of Plateau Department, South-East of the Republic of Benin (West Africa)

  1. Population of Kétou (Benin): 157,000 inhabitants
  2. Main economic activities in Kètou: trade and agriculture
  3. Distances from Kétou to:
    1. Cotonou (Port of Cotonou ): 140 kilometres
    2. Porto-Novo: 100 kilometres
    3. Parakou: 322 kilometres
    4. Djougou: 415 kilometres
  4. Border of Kétou with Nigeria (17 kilometres, Ilara)

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  1. Masters: Business in Africa, Transport in Africa, Foreign Trade, International Business, Export Back Office
  2. Doctorates: African Business, World Trade, Global Logistics

Students Kétou (Benin) Master in International Business

Lysiane Gnansounou: EENI Professor, academic advisor and recruiter in Benin

Lysiane Gnansounou, Benin (Professor, EENI Business School University)

More information: Business in Benin at EENI Global Business School Website.

Business in Kétou, Benin (Masters)


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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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  1. Main ethnic group: Yoruba
  2. Other ethnicities in Kétou: Fon, Mahi and Holli
  3. Most spoken language in Kètou: French
    1. Other spoken languages in Kètou are Yoruba, Fongbe and Mahi
  4. Kings of Kétou
  5. Gueledes Masks (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage)

Logistics Course: Port of Cotonou (Benin)

Benin-Niger-Burkina Faso-Ivory Coast Railway Loop

Beninese Plateau Department (South-West of Benin)

  1. Population of Plateau Department: 624,000 inhabitants
  2. Area of Plateau Department: 3,264 square kilometres
  3. Communes:
    1. Adja-Ouèrè (116,000 inhabitants)
    2. Ifangni (110,000 inhabitants)
    3. Kétou
    4. Pobè (Prefecture) (123,000 inhabitants)
    5. Sakété (114,000 inhabitants), 60 kilometres to the Port of Cotonou

Higher Education in Kétou (Benin)

  1. National School of Administration and Magistracy
  2. National University of Agriculture (UNA) - Kétou

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