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Foreign Trade and Business in the Port of Lomé (Maritime region of Togo)

Doing Business in Lomé (Togolese Republic), Tsévié (Master in International Trade)

Lomé is the capital and economic centre of Togo (West Africa)

  1. Population of Lomé (agglomeration): 1,5 millions Lomeans (450,000 in 1990)
  2. Lomé-Tokoin International Airport
  3. Togolese region: Maritime

The Autonomous Port of Lomé: 80% of Togolese international trade

  1. Port of Lomé: phosphates, coffee, cocoa, cotton and Palm oil exports
  2. The Autonomous Port of Lomé is widely used for exports and imports of companies from Ghana, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso
  3. Oil refinery
  4. Lomé Free Zone
  5. Mali, Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso), Lomé Highway
  6. Dakar-Lagos Corridor
  7. Benin-Niger-Burkina Faso-Ivory Coast Railway loop
    1. Lomé-Niamey (development) Railway

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  1. Masters: Business in Africa, Transport in Africa, International Business, International Marketing, Export Back Office
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Togolese Students (Lomé) Master in International Business

More information: Business in Togo, at EENI Business School & HA University Website.

Logistics Course: Port of Lomé (Togo)

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  1. Most spoken languages in Lomé: French and Mina (vehicular, Gen-gbe, Kwa languages)
  2. Climate: tropical
  3. 13th Century: foundation of Lomé by the Ewé
    1. Lomé = Alotimé (“in the middle of the aloe plants (tree)”) in Ewé

Business in Togo (Master, Doctorate)

Distances from Lomé (Togo) to:

  1. Accra (Ghana): 200 kilometres
  2. Cotonou (Benin): 150 kilometres
  3. Aného: 45 kilometres
  4. Atakpamé: 167 kilometres
  5. Bafilo: 404 kilometres
  6. Bassar: 412 kilometres
  7. Blitta: 273 kilometres
  8. Dapaong: 662 kilometres
  9. Kara: 428 kilometres
  10. Kandé: 503 kilometres
  11. Kpalimé: 121 kilometres
  12. Mango: 592 kilometres
  13. Notsé: 100 kilometres
  14. Sokodé: 355 kilometres
  15. Tabligbo: 90 kilometres
  16. Tsévié: 35 kilometres

Corridor Lomé, Accra (Master)

Maritime region of Togo (South of Togo):

  1. Population of the Maritime region of Togo: 2.6 million inhabitants (the most populated Togolese region)
  2. Area: 6.100 square kilometres
  3. The capital of the Maritime region of Togo and the Prefecture of Zio is Tsévié
    1. 70,000 inhabitants
    2. Tsévié: 35 kilometres to North of Lomé
  4. Slave Trade (Agbodrafo)
  5. Phosphate Mines of Togo (Hahotoé)

Higher Education in Lomé (Togo)

LMD System (Bachelor of Science, Master, Doctorate) (Togolese Ministry of Higher Education and Research)

  1. University of Lomé
  2. African School of Architecture and Urbanism (Lomé)
  3. University of Sciences and Technologies of Togo (Lomé)
  4. Free Bilingual University of Togo (UBLT) (Lomé)

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