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Doing Business in Marrakesh, Safi (Morocco). Master in International Trade

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Marrakesh (Morocco). Business and International Trade.

  1. Marrakesh («the red city») is the capital of the Marrakesh -Safi region, in Central Morocco (Maghreb)
    1. مراكش in Arabic
    2. ⴰⵎⵓⵔⴰⴽⵓⵛ in Berber
  2. Population of Marrakesh : 0.9 millions inhabitants
    1. Marrakesh is the fourth Moroccan city by population, after Casablanca, Fez and Tangier
  3. Marrakesh is an important tourist, commercial, religious and cultural centre of Morocco and the Maghreb
    1. Two million tourists per year
  4. Real estate and hotel development boom
  5. The most important economic activities in Marrakesh are trade, tourism and crafts
    1. 18 souks (markets) in Marrakesh
    2. Three large shopping centres: Al Mazar Mall, Plaza Marrakesh and Plaza Marjane
  6. Two industrial neighbourhoods: Sidi Ghanem and Al Massar
  7. Cement factory (Italian company)
  8. Aero-Expo Marrakesh International Exhibition of aeronautical industries and services
  9. Altitude: 450 meters
  10. Marrakesh is at the foot of the Atlas Mountains
  11. Climate: warm semi-arid
  12. Marrakesh is one of the ancient imperial cities of Morocco
  13. Jemaa el-Fnaa Square
  14. The Marrakesh Medina is a UNESCO world heritage site
  15. Mosque of the Kutubia
  16. 1062: foundation of Marrakesh by King Almoravid, Abu Bakr ibn Umar

Moroccan region: Marrakesh, Safi

Miloud Chaabi (Esauira)

Miloud Chaabi (Moroccan Businessman)

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Transport and Logistics in Marrakesh (Morocco)

  1. Menara International Airport
  2. Railways to Casablanca, Tangier, Fez, Meknes and Rabat
  3. Road A7: Marrakesh -Casablanca (210 kilometres) and Marrakesh -Agadir (233 kilometres)
  4. Road: Marrakesh, Chichaoua, Esauira.
  5. Access to the Cairo-Dakar corridor
  6. Distances from Marrakesh to:
    1. Tangier: 580 kilometres
    2. Rabat: 327 kilometres
    3. Casablanca: 239 kilometres
    4. Agadir: 246 kilometres
    5. Beni Mellal: 196 kilometres
    6. Esauira: 177 kilometres
    7. Agadir: 246 kilometres


  1. Safi is in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Morocco
    1. أسفي in Arabic
    2. ⴰⵙⴼⵉ in Berber
  2. Safi is the capital of the Safi province
  3. Population of Safi: 415,000 inhabitants
    1. Safi agglomeration: 882,000 inhabitants
  4. Safi is the main Moroccan fishing port of the sardine industry
  5. Exports of phosphates, textiles and ceramics
  6. Climate: Mediterranean

Moroccan region: Marrakesh -Safi

  1. Marrakesh (capital)
  2. Chichaoua
  3. Al Haouz
  4. El Kelaa des Sraghna
  5. Esauira
  6. Rehamna
  7. Safi
  8. Youssoufia

Population of the Marrakesh -Safi region: 4.5 millions inhabitants

Doing Business in Morocco (Master)

Higher Education in Marrakesh - Morocco

  1. Polytechnic University Mohammed VI
  2. Cadi Ayyad University
  3. Private University of Marrakesh

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