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Higher Education in Morocco (Courses, Masters, Doctorates)

Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Training of Morocco (Maghreb)

Universities of the Rabat, Salé, Kenitra Moroccan region


  1. University Mohammed V
  2. International University of Rabat


  1. University Ibn-Tofail

Moroccan region: Rabat, Salé, Kenitra

Universities of the Casablanca, Settat Moroccan region


  1. University Hassan II
  2. University Mohammed 6 of Health Science
  3. University Mundiapolis
  4. International University of Casablanca


  1. University Hassan I

El Jadida

  1. University Chouaib Doukkali

Moroccan region: Casablanca, Settat

Universities of the Fez, Meknes Moroccan region


  1. University Quaraouiyine
  2. University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah
  3. Private University of Fez
  4. Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez


  1. University Al-Akhawayn


  1. University Moulay-Ismail

Moroccan region: Fez, Meknes

Universities of the Marrakesh, Safi Moroccan region


  1. Polytechnic University Mohammed VI
  2. Cadi Ayyad University
  3. Private University of Marrakesh

Moroccan region: Marrakesh, Safi

Universities of the Tangier, Tetouan, Al Hoceima Moroccan region

  1. University Abdelmalek Essaadi

Moroccan region: Tangier, Tetouan, Al Hoceima

Universities of the Eastern (Oujda) Moroccan region

  1. University Mohamed I

Moroccan region: Eastern, Oujda

Universities of the Béni Mellal, Khénifra Moroccan region

  1. University Sultan Moulay Slimane (Beni Mellal)

Moroccan region: Béni Mellal, Khénifra

Universities of the Drâa, Tafilalet Moroccan region

  1. University Mohamed I

Moroccan region: Drâa, Tafilalet

Universities of the Souss, Massa Moroccan region

  1. University Ibn Zohr (Agadir)
  2. International University of Agadir

Moroccan region: Souss, Massa

Universities of the Guelmim, Oued Noun Moroccan region

  1. No university

Moroccan region: Guelmim, Oued Noun

Universities of the Laayoune, Sakia El Hamra Moroccan region

  1. No university

Universities of the Dakhla, Oued Ed Dahab Moroccan region

  1. No university

Morocco is a member of the Francophone University Agency and International Organisation of la Francophonie.

  1. Francophone Digital Campus of Rabat

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