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Trade and Business in Oujda (Morocco)

Doing Business in Oujda (Morocco). Master in International Trade.

Oujda is the capital of the Eastern region of Morocco (Maghreb)

  1. وجدة in Arabic
  2. ⵡⴻⵊⴷⴰ in Berber
  3. Population of Oujda: 0.5 millions inhabitants
    1. Oujda is the eighth Moroccan city by population
  4. Significant cross-border trade with Algeria
  5. Bioui Travaux (Moroccan public works company) is based in Oujda
  6. Oujda has a cement factory
  7. Oujda Tecnopole
  8. Al Boustane II (Industrial zone)
  9. Milk Cooperative (Colaimo)
  10. Access to the Port of Nador (152 kilometres)
  11. Access to the Cairo-Dakar corridor
  12. Distances from Oujda to:
    1. Algerian border: 15 kilometres
    2. Mediterranean sea coast (Saidia): 55 kilometres
    3. Berkane: 60 kilometres
  13. Oujda - Angads International Airport
  14. Railway: Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fez, Taza and Oujda

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Mohammed Hassan Bensalah (Berkane)

Mohammed Hassan Bensalah (Moroccan Businessman)

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  1. Oujda is the capital of the Oujda-Angad prefecture
  2. Altitude: 470 metres
  3. Climate: Mediterranean
  4. 994: foundation of Oujda by Ziri ibn Atiyya, Berber chief of the Zenata Maghrawa tribe
  5. Bled el Gaada: Roman era ruin
  6. Medina of Oujda

Moroccan region: Eastern, Oujda

Moroccan region: Eastern (جهة الشرق)

  1. Oujda, Angad
  2. Nador
  3. Driouch
  4. Jerada
  5. Berkane
  6. Taourirt
  7. Guercif
  8. Figuig

Population of the Eastern region: 2.3 millions inhabitants

The main cities of the Eastern region are Oujda, Nador, Berkane, Taourirt, Beni Ensar / Aït Nsar, Al Aaroui, Jerada, El Aioun Sidi Mellouk, Bouarg, Zaio, Zeghanghane, Sidi Slimane Echcharraa, Bouarfa, Bni Chiker, Oulad Settout, Selouane, Boughriba, Ahfir, Arekmane, Mtalssa, Talsint, Bni Tadjite, Zegzel, Tendrara, Midar, Driouch, Ben Taieb, Temsamane, Ain Bni Mathar and Figuig.

Doing Business in Morocco (Master)

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  2. Agadir
  3. Tangier
  4. Transport and Logistics in Morocco

Higher Education in Oujda - Morocco

  1. University Mohamed I

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