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Trade and Business in Agadir (Morocco)

Doing Business in Agadir, Souss-Massa (Morocco). Master in Foreign Trade.

Agadir is the capital of the Souss-Massa region, in Southern Morocco (Maghreb)

  1. اكادير‬ in Arabic
  2. ⴰⴳⴰⴷⵉⵔ in Berber (fortified collective barn)
  3. Population of Agadir: 0.4 millions inhabitants
    1. Population of the Agadir region: 1.5 millions inhabitants
  4. Main economic activities in Agadir: port activities, tourism and agriculture
  5. The Fishing Port of Agadir is one of the main ports of sardines of the world
  6. Cement factory of Morocco
  7. Agadir is an important Moroccan tourist centre
    1. Agadir is the largest spa of Morocco
    2. Beautiful beaches at the North of Agadir
    3. Festival Timitar (Amazigh music)

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Moroccan Student, Agadir (Master, Business)

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Moroccan region: Souss, Massa

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  1. Agadir is at the Atlas Mountains foot, on the Atlantic Ocean shore
  2. Agadir is the capital of tje Agadir Ida-Outanane prefecture
  3. The most spoken language in Agadir is Tashelhit
  4. Districts of Agadir: City of Agadir, Anza, Ben Sergao and Tikiwine
  5. Climate: semi-arid
  6. 1960: earthquake

Transport and Logistics in Agadir (Morocco)

Logistics Course: Port of Casablanca (Morocco)

  1. Airport Agadir-Al Massira
  2. Casablanca-Agadir Road (508 kilometres)
  3. Access to the Cairo-Dakar corridor
  4. Agadir is 173 kilometres from Essaouira and 235 kilometres from Marrakesh
  5. Port of Agadir
    1. Cobalt, manganese and zinc exports

Moroccan region: Eastern, Agadir

Moroccan region: Souss-Massa

  1. Agadir Ida, Outanane
  2. Inezgane, Aït Melloul
  3. Chtouka, Aït Baha
  4. Taroudant
  5. Tiznit
  6. Tata

Doing Business in Morocco (Master)

  1. Tangier
  2. Fez
  3. Meknes
  4. Oujda

Higher Education in Agadir - Morocco

  1. University Mohamed I

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