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Business in Kisangani, Tshopo (DR Congo)

Foreign Trade in Kisangani, Tshopo, Banalia, Basoko (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Kisangani («the martyred city») is the fifth largest city (1.6 million inhabitants) of the DR Congo (Central Africa)

  1. 1990: 1 million
    1. The first Congolese city is Kinshasa, second is Lubumbashi, third is Mbuji-Mayi, and fourth is Kananga
  2. Kisangani is one of the largest African commercial and industrial centres
  3. Main economic activities: pharmaceutical products, printing, food processing, telecommunications, textile manufacturing, tobacco and Foreign Trade, Transport
    1. Rextil Society of Kisangani (SOTEXKI) produces fabrics and dresses
    2. Bralima (drinks)
    3. SORGERIE produces soaps, vegetable oils and other cosmetic products
    4. Forestry Company of Transformation and exports wood

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Congolese Students from Kisangani (Business)

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  1. Communes: Lubunga, Makiso, Mangobo, Tshopo, Kabondo and Kisangani
  2. Kisangani is between the Congo River and the Tshopo River
  3. Kisangani is the largest city in the Congo Basin
  4. Elevation of Kisangani: 634 metres
  5. Main religion in Kisangani: Christianity
  6. Main languages in Kisangani: French, Swahili and Lingala
  7. 1883 - 1996: Stanleyville (History of the DR Congo)
  8. 2000: effects of the war between Rwanda and Uganda
Kisangani is the capital of the Tshopo province (formerly Oriental province)
  1. Population of the Tshopo province: 2.6 million inhabitants
  2. Area: 199,567 km²
  3. Territories of the Tshopo province: Bafwasende, Banalia, Basoko, Isangi, Opala, Ubundu, Yahuma,

Transport and Logistics in Kisangani (DR Congo)

Transport in the DR Congo

Kisangani has a strategic position: it is the farthest place that allows the navigation of the Congo River from Kinshasa.

  1. Port of Piroguiers is the largest inland port of the DR Congo, after Kinshasa
  2. Port of Piroguiers is a place of transhipment to the north-west provinces for cereals, sugar, petroleum products, machinery and consumer products.
  3. Kisangani is a Railway centre of the DR Congo

Distances from Kisangani to:

  1. Kinshasa: 2,513 kilometres (40 hours)
  2. Lubumbashi: 2,030 kilometres (32 hours)
  3. Mbuji-Mayi: 1,358 kilometres (19 hours)
  4. Kananga: 1,400 kilometres (21.5 hours)
  5. Bukavu: 644 kilometres (10 hours)
  6. Goma: 673 kilometres (13 hours)

The transcontinental highway projects in Africa (Trans-African road network) encompass Kisangani through the Lagos-Mombasa highway.

Higher Education in Kisangani (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Universities in Tshopo province (Kisangani)

  1. University of Kisangani
  2. University of the Lake Albert of Mahagi
  3. Free University of Kisangani
  4. University of Bunia
  5. Anglican University of the Congo

Universities in the DR Congo

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