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Universities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Higher Education Institutes and Universities in DR Congo

Higher Education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates)

LMD System (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) - Ministry of Higher Education (MESU)

  1. Graduate: 3 years of University
  2. Bachelors of Science (BSc): 2 years of University
  3. DEA: 2 years

Albert Bialufu Ngandu: EENI Professor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Albert Bialufu Ngandu, DR Congo (Professor, EENI Business School)

Universities and Higher Education Institutes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Central Africa)

More than 600 Universities and Higher Education Institutes.

Universities in Kinshasa

  1. University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN)
  2. American University of Kinshasa
  3. Central University of Kinshasa
  4. Catholic University of the Congo
  5. University Cardinal Malula
  6. Free University of Kinshasa (ULK)
  7. Protestant University of the Congo (UPC)
  8. University of Technology of the Congo
  9. National Pedagogical University (UPN)
  10. University Simon Kimbangu
  11. University Kinshasa Binza
  12. Pan-African University of the Congo
  13. University William Booth (UWB)
  14. University Cristiana international (UCI)
  15. Bel Campus Technology University
  16. Kinshasa Oil and Gas University (IPG)

Universities in Katanga (Lubumbashi)

  1. University of Lubumbashi
  2. University of the Work of Lubumbashi
  3. University of the Cepromad
  4. University of Kalemie
  5. Protestant University of Lubumbashi
  6. Methodist University of Katanga
  7. Baptist University of the Congo of Lubumbashi
  8. University of Likasi
  9. University of Kolwezi
  10. University Institute of the Congo

Universities in the Tshopo province (formerly Eastern province) (Kisangani)

  1. University of Kisangani
  2. University of the lake Albert of Mahagi
  3. Free University of Kisangani
  4. University of Bunia
  5. Anglican University of the Congo

Universities in the Northern Province Kivu (Goma)

  1. University of Goma
  2. Adventist University of Goma
  3. University of Kivu
  4. Official University of Ruwenzori
  5. Adventist University of Lukanga
  6. Catholic University of the Grabben
  7. Free University of the Great Lakes countries
  8. Divine Gloria University of Butembo
  9. University Biosadec

Universities in the Lower Congo province

  1. University Kongo
  2. University Kasa-Vubu

Universities in the Western Kasai province (Kananga)

  1. University of Kananga
  2. University Notre-Dame of Kasai
  3. University Luluabourg of Kananga

Universities in the Eastern Kasai province

  1. University of Mbuji-Mayi Tshikama
  2. Official University of Mbuji-Mayi
  3. Protestant University in the Coeur of the Congo

University in the Maniema province

  1. University of Kindu

Universities in the Ecuador province

  1. University of Mbandaka
  2. University of Gbadolite
  3. University of Ikela

Universities in the Bandundu province

  1. University of Bandundu
  2. University of Kamina
  3. University of Ikela
  4. University of Mwene-Ditu
  5. Pan-African University of the Congo
  6. Official University of Ruwenzori
  7. University Espoir of the Congo (Baraka)
  8. Free University of Luozi

Universities in the South Kivu province (Bukavu)

  1. Official University of Bukavu
  2. Catholic University of Bukavu

Foreign Trade and Business in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Master, Doctorate)

Dr Albert Bialufu Ngandu Professor of the EENI in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Dr Albert Bialufu

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a member of:

  1. Francophone University Agency (AUF) (campus digital in Bukavu and Kinshasa)
  2. African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES)

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Foreign Trade and Business in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo

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Congolese Students (Degrees. University)


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