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Foreign Trade and Business in Butare, Nyanza (Rwanda)

Butare is the third Rwandan city and the capital of the Southern Province of Rwanda (Central Africa/Eastern Africa)

  1. Name in Kinyarwanda: Butɑ́ɾe
  2. Population of Butare: 90,000 inhabitants
  3. Rwandan Province: Southern Province
  4. Rwandan District: Huye (capital)
  5. Butare is the Higher Education capital of Rwanda
    1. The headquarters of the National University of Rwanda are in Butare
  6. Main religion in Butare: Christianity
  7. Butare was the formal colonial capital of Rwanda
  8. 1994: Rwandan genocide
  9. National Museum of Rwanda

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Southern Province of Rwanda

The capital of the Southern Province of Rwanda is Nyanza

  1. Population of the Southern Province of Rwanda: 2.6 million inhabitants
  2. Population density of the Southern Province of Rwanda: 370 inhabitants/square kilometres
  3. Area of the Southern Province of Rwanda: 6,118 kilometres

The districts of the Southern Province of Rwanda are:

  1. Muhanga
  2. Kamonyi
  3. Nyanza
  4. Gisagara
  5. Huye
  6. Nyaruguru
  7. Ruhango
  8. Nyamagabe

Huye is one of the eight districts (akarere) composing the Southern Province of Rwanda.

  1. Total area: 581.5 square kilometres.
  2. Huye has fourteen sectors and 77 cells with a total of 509 Umudugudus (villages)
  3. The district of Huye has a population of 314,022 inhabitants with an average of 540 inhabitants per square kilometre.
  4. Border with Burundi
The district of Huye delimits with the district of Nyanza to the north, Gisagara to the east and south, Nyaruguru to the south-west and Nyamagabe to the north-west.

The district of Huye is divided into 14 sectors (imirenge): Gishamvu, Karama, Kigoma, Kinazi, Maraba, Mbazi, Mukura, Ngoma, Ruhashya, Huye, Rusatira, Rwaniro, Simbi and Tomb.

Transport and Logistics in Butare (Rwanda)

Transport and Logistics in Rwanda

Butare Airport

National Roads of Rwanda (source:  Steve Rwanda)

National Route 3: Kigali - Gitarama - Butare -Fugi (border of Burundi, route towards Bujumbura)

  1. National Route 3b: Butare - Gikongoro - Cyangugu (Lake Kivu, border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, route towards Bukavu)

Transafrican Transport Corridors:

The Central Corridor passes through Butare

Northern Corridor (Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda) Road Transportation Course

  1. Gisenyi
  2. History of Rwanda

Higher Education in Butare (Rwanda)

  1. National University of Rwanda
  2. National Rwandan Institute of Scientific Research

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