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Study in Gaborone (Republic of Botswana), Masters of Science in International Business

Gaborone (Gabs) is the administrative, economic and commercial capital of Botswana (Southern Africa)

  1. Population of Gaborone: 232,000 inhabitants
    1. Agglomeration of Gaborone: 422,000 inhabitants
  2. Gaborone is the largest Batswana city
  3. Nearly half of the population lives less than 100 kilometres from Gaborone
  4. The headquarters of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are in Gaborone
  5. Gaborone is one of the most dynamic cities in the world
  6. The Botswana Stock Exchange, Debswana (Diamonds) or the Bank of Botswana are headquartered in Gaborone
  7. 20% of Gaborone's population works in the financial sector
  8. Multinational companies in Gaborone: Volvo, IBM, Hyundai, IBM, Daewoo, Siemens
  9. Gaborone is located near the confluence of Notwane and Segoditshane rivers (South-Eastern Botswana)
  10. Gaborone is 15 kilometres from South African border

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  1. Cities near to Gaborone: Ramotswa, Mogoditshane, Mochudi and Tlokweng
  2. Botswana District: Gaborone
  3. Altitude: 1.014 metres
  4. Climate: hot and semi-arid
  5. The main spoken languages in Gaborone are Setswana (Tswana), English, iKalanga and Kgalagadi
  6. Roman Catholic Diocese of Gaborone
  7. National Museum and Art Gallery of Botswana
  8. 1964: foundation of Gaborone, Protectorate of Bechuanaland (History of Botswana)

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Southern African Development Community (SADC Master)

Transport and Logistics in Gaborone - Botswana

  1. Sir Seretse Kham International Airport
  2. Railway: Cape Town - Gaborone - Harare
  3. Roads: Trans-Kalahari Road, Road A1 and Cairo-Cape Town Road
  4. Routes toward Lobatse, Kanye, Molepolole, Francistown (via Mochudi) and Tlokweng

Logistics Course: Port of Walvis Bay Namibia

Higher Education in Gaborone (Botswana)

  1. University of Botswana
  2. University of Botho
  3. University of Ba Isago
  4. University of Agriculture and Natural Resources of Botswana
  5. University Limkokwing of Creative Technology (Campus Gaborone)
  6. University College of Accounting of Botswana
  7. University College of Agriculture of Botswana
  8. University College of Gaborone

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