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Botswana («the African Switzerland») is a landlocked country of Southern Africa

  1. Botswana = Lefatshe the Botswana («the country of the Tswana») in Tswana language
  2. Gaborone is the administrative, economic and commercial capital of Botswana and the largest Batswana city
  3. The headquarters of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are in Gaborone
  4. The largest cities of Botswana are Gaborone, Francistown, Molepolole, Mogoditshane, Maun, Selibe Phikwe, Serowe, Kanye, Mochudi and Mahalapye
  5. Other Batswana cities are Palapye, Tlokweng, Lobatse, Ramotswa, Letlhakane, Tonota, Moshupa, Thamaga, Jwaneng and Bobonong
  6. Botswana's economy is closely related to South Africa
  7. Botswana is one of the most dynamic economies in the world
  8. Botswana is one of the least corrupt African countries since 1998
  9. France considers Botswana a tax haven
  10. Botswana has a strong tradition of democracy (democratic elections without interruption)
  11. The main economic activities of Botswana are mining, services, industries, agriculture, livestock and tourism
    1. Diamonds: 33% of the Botswana GDP
    2. Debswana is the largest diamond mining company of Botswana
  12. Borders of Botswana: South Africa (1,840 kilometres), Namibia (1,360 kilometres), Zambia and Zimbabwe (Bulawayo, 813 kilometres)
    1. The border between Botswana and Zambia, in Kazungula is poorly delimited (1 kilometre).
  13. History of Botswana
  14. Transport and Logistics in Botswana

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  1. Batswana population: 2,3 million of Batswana
    1. Population density: 3,8 inhabitants / square kilometres
    2. 10% of the population lives in Gaborone
    3. Botswana has the third highest prevalence rate of HIV / AIDS
  2. Botswana is a unitary parliamentary republic
  3. Area of Botswana: 581,730 square kilometres
  4. Botswana is a very flat country
    1. The Delta of the Okavango is one of the largest interior deltas in the world, it is in North-Western Botswana.
    2. Limpopo Basin
    3. Chobe River forms a border between Botswana and Zambezi in Namibia.
    4. Kalahari Desert (70% of the Botswana territory)
  5. Independence from the United Kingdom in 1966
  6. Calling code: 267
  7. Code top-level domain: .bw
  8. The currency of Botswana: Pula

Provinces of Botswana

The 17 administrative districts, 10 rural districts and 7 urban districts of Botswana are:

District / population (miles inhabitants) / Area (square kilometres)

  1. Gaborone City / 231 / 169
  2. Francistown City / 98 / 79
  3. Lobatse Town / 29 / 42
  4. Selebi-Phikwe Town / 49 / 50
  5. Jwaneng Town / 18 / 100
  6. Orapa Town / 9 / 17
  7. Sowa Township / 3 / 159
  8. Southern District / 198 / 28,470
  9. South-East District / 85 / 1,780
  10. Kweneng District / 304 / 31,100
  11. Kgatleng District / 91 / 7,960
  12. Central District / 576 / 142,076
  13. North-East District / 60 / 5,120
  14. Ngamiland District / 152 / 109,130
  15. Chobe District / 23 / 20,800
  16. Ghanzi District / 43 / 117,910
  17. Kgalagadi District / 50 / 105,200

Districts of Botswana, Gaborone (source: Amitchell)

Economic Integration Organisations (Botswana)

  1. Southern African Development Community (SADC)
  2. Southern African Customs Union (SACU)
  3. COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Free Trade Agreement

Southern African Development Community (SADC, Online Master)

Southern African Customs Union (SACU, e-Master)

Batswana ethnicities:

The Tswana are the largest ethnic group (Bantu) in Botswana (79% of Botswana population)

Other ethnic groups are the BaKalanga and San (Bushmen, AbaThwa, Basarwa)

  1. 10,000 San are still hunter-gatherers

Religions of Botswana

  1. Christianity (80% of Batswana)
  2. Traditional African Religions

Languages of Botswana

  1. The official language of Botswana is English
  2. Setswana is very spoken
  3. Other languages spoken in Botswana are Kalanga (sekalanga), Sarwa (sesarwa), Ndebele and Xoo

Higher Education in Botswana

Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology of Botswana

  1. University of Botswana (Gaborone)
  2. University of Botho (Gaborone)
  3. University of Creative Technology of Limkokwing
  4. University of Ba Isago (Gaborone)
  5. International University of Science and Technology of Botswana (Palapye)
  6. University College of Accounting of Botswana (Gaborone)
  7. University College of Agriculture of Botswana (Gaborone)

EFTA-Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

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