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Yaoundé (Mfoundi), political capital of Cameroon, Distribution Centre

Yaoundé, the city of the seven hills, is the political and administrative capital of Cameroon (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Yaoundé: 2.7 million inhabitants
    1. 1961: 6,000 inhabitants
  2. The main economic activities in Yaoundé are services: trade, public service, diplomatic services...
  3. Many international organisations are located in Yaoundé:
    1. Bank of Central African States
    2. African Industrial Property Organisation.
  4. Factories of Yaoundé: tobacco, construction materials, Brewery, mechanics...
  5. The main products of Yaoundé are dairy products, beer, clay, glassware and wood
  6. Yaoundé is a regional distribution centre for coffee, cocoa, copra, sugar cane and rubber
  7. Agro-food industry in Yaoundé
    1. CAMSUCO (Cameroon Sugar Company) has a large processing factory in Nkoetang that provides 80% of Cameroon's sugar.
    2. SOCACAO (Cameroonian cocoa company) cocoa butter manufacture in Yaoundé.
    3. Breweries of Cameroon are also present in Yaoundé and produce beers and soft drinks.
    4. Other food processing plants are in Nanga Eboko (rice husk) and Eséka.
  8. The Informal sector in Yaoundé is considerable
  9. Yaoundé is a francophone city (75% of the population speak and understand French)
  10. The main religion in Yaoundé is Christianity

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  1. Yaoundé = Ongola (the closure) in Ewondo
  2. Cameroonian Region: Centre (capital)
  3. Cameroonian Department: Mfoundi
  4. Elevation of Yaoundé: 750 metres
  5. 1895: foundation of Yaoundé by Germans
  6. Climate of Yaoundé: humid and dry tropical

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Central Region of Cameroon

Study in Yaoundé

Yaoundé is the capital of the Central region of Cameroon

  1. Population of the Central region of Cameroon: 3 million inhabitants
  2. The Central region is the second largest of Cameroon (68.953 km²).
  3. Main ethnic groups are the Bassa, Ewondo and Vute.
  4. Main religion: Christianity
  5. Bantu group Beti-Pahuin is also significant
  6. The Central region is one of the most dynamic economic zones in Cameroon, thanks to Yaoundé.
  7. Main economic activities of the Central Cameroon region are timber industry and agriculture (cocoa)

Contiguous Cameroonian regions:

  1. West
  2. Adamawa
  3. Littoral
  4. East
  5. South

Departments of the Central region of Cameroon (capital):

  1. Haute-Sanaga (Nanga-Eboko)
  2. Lekié (Monatele)
  3. Mbam-et-Inoubou (Bafia)
  4. Mbam-et-Kim (Ntui)
  5. Méfou-et-Afamba (Mfou)
  6. Méfou-et-Akono (Ngoumou)
  7. Mfoundi (Yaoundé)
  8. Nyong-et-Kellé (Éséka)
  9. Nyong-et-Mfoumou (Akonolinga)
  10. Nyong-et-So’o (Mbalmayo)

Mfoundi Department (Cameroon)

  1. The Mfoundi Department are in the Central region of Cameroon.
  2. The capital of the Mfoundi Department is Yaoundé
  3. Population of the Mfoundi Department: 3.5 million inhabitants

The seven districts of the Mfoundi Department:

  1. Yaoundé I (Nlongak)
  2. Yaoundé II (Tsinga)
  3. Yaoundé III (Efoulan)
  4. Yaoundé IV (Kondengui)
  5. Yaoundé V (Essos)
  6. Yaoundé VI (Biyem-Assi)
  7. Yaoundé VII (Nkolbisson)

Moreover, the Urban community of Yaoundé.

Transport and Logistics in Yaoundé (Cameroon)

  1. The port of Douala is the main port for the companies of Yaounde
  2. Yaoundé-Nsimalen International Airport
  3. Trans-Cameroonian Railway (Camrail): Nkongsamba, Douala, Yaoundé, Bélabo and Ngaoundéré.

Port of Douala (Cameroon). Access to the Central African Republic and Chad

Distances from Yaoundé to:

  1. Douala: 229 kilometres (3 hours)
  2. Garoua: 1,123 kilometres (18 hours)
  3. Bamenda: 366 kilometres
  4. Marua: 1,330 kilometres (20 hours)
  5. Bafoussam: 296 kilometres (4.5 hours)
  6. Ngaoundéré: 853 kilometres (12 hours)

Yaoundé-Douala Road

  1. National Road 1: Yaoundé until Kousséri and Fotoko
  2. National Road 2: toward Ambam, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.
  3. National Road 3: Yaoundé and Douala.
  4. National Road 10 goes to the East of Yaoundé to Ayos and finally to Bonis in the Eastern province.

Higher Education in Yaoundé (Cameroon)

State Universities

  1. University of Yaoundé I (Ngoa Ekelle)
  2. University of Yaoundé II (Soa)
  3. National School of Administration and Judicial Power (ENAM)

Private Universities

  1. Catholic University of Central Africa (Yaoundé)
  2. Protestant University of Central Africa (UPAC)
  3. University of South Yaoundé Ndi Samba

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