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Shubra El Kheima (Choubra) is the capital of Qalyubia Governorate of Egypt (North-East Africa)

  1. شبرا الخيمة in Arabic
  2. Population of Shubra El Kheima: 1 million inhabitants
    1. Shubra El Kheima is the fourth largest city of Egypt, after Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.
  3. The two districts (kism) of Shubra El Kheima are:
    1. Shubra El Kheima 1 (0.4 millions inhabitants)
    2. Shubra El Kheima 2 (0.6 millions inhabitants)
  4. Shubra El Kheima is part of the Greater Cairo agglomeration.
  5. Shubra El Kheima is an important logistics centre of Northern Egypt (Transport and Logistics in Egypt)
  6. Roads toward Cairo (Nile Cornice), Giza, Sharqyia and Manofia.
  7. Mohamed Ali Palace

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Qalyubia Governorate

  1. محافظة القليوبية in Arabic
  2.  Qalyubia governorate is in Lower Egypt, north of Cairo (Nile Delta region)
  3. The capital of Qalyubia Governorate is Banha
    1. Population of Banha: 166,000 inhabitants
    2. Population of the agglomeration: 2.5 millions inhabitants
    3. Banha is between Cairo and Alexandria
    4. Banha is an important logistics centre of the Nile Delta
  4. Area of Qalyubia Governorate: 1,001 kilometres
  5. Population of Qalyubia Governorate: 5 millions inhabitants
  6. The main cities are Banha, Khanka, El Qanater El Khayreya, Kafr Shukr, Qaha, Qalyub, Shibin El Qanater, Shubra El Kheima, Tukh, Obour City and Khusus
  7. The main economic activity of Qalyubia Governorate region is agriculture
  8. The main crops are fruits, vegetables, corn and cotton
  9. Qalyubia Governorate has four industrial zones in Al Shorouk, Al Safa, Al Aqrasha and the industrial zone Al Obour

Logistics Course: Ports of Egypt

Higher Education in Shubra El Kheima - Egypt

  1. Banha University
  2. Damietta University

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