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Transport and Logistics in Egypt (Master in Business in Africa)

Maritime transport in Egypt (north-east Africa)

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Egyptian ports 

Logistics Course: Ports of Egypt

The Port of Port Said is the second largest Egyptian Port

  1. Free port
  2. Exports: cotton and rice
  3. Equipment for ships transiting the Suez Canal

Alexandria has four ports

  1. The western port of Alexandria, is the largest Egyptian port (60% of Egyptian international trade)
  2. The port of Dekhela west of the western port
  3. Eastern port
  4. The port of Abu Qir is a commercial port (merchandise and phosphates).
  5. Suez-Cairo-Alexandria oil pipeline terminal

Suez Canal

  1. The port city of Suez

Suez Canal

Egyptian Roads

  1. Coastal Road: Mersa Matrouh - Alexandria - Port Said
  2. Road: Cairo -Alexandria (220 kilometres) - Desert Road-
  3. Road: Mehwar El Ta'meer Alexandria - Borg El Arab
  4. Road: Suez-Cairo
  5. Road: Suez - Port Said
  6. Roads toward Cairo, Giza, Sharqyia and Manofia
  7. Road: Cairo, Port Said and Ismailia
  8. Road: Suez - Ismailia
  9. International Coastal Road: Alexandria - Damietta - Baltim - Port Said - Nile Delta North (280 kilometres)
  10. Road: Geish Helwan, Asyut, along the Nile, Beni Suef and Minya (306 kilometres)

Study in Egypt, Cairo (Master, Doctorate)

Shubra El Kheima is an important logistic centre of Northern Egypt

Distances from Cairo to:
  1. Alexandria: 220 kilometres
  2. Suez Canal: 150 kilometres (Suez-Cairo Road)

African Transport Corridors

Cairo-Gaborone Corridor

Access to the following countries: Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Cairo-Gaborone Corridor (Transafrican Road)

Cairo-Dakar Corridor

  1. Access to the following countries: Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria), Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, the Western Sahara and Senegal

Cairo-Dakar Corridor (Transafrican Road, Online Course)

The Egyptian Railway system is the oldest in Africa

  1. 7,063 kilometres
  2. Egyptian National Railways

Egyptian Airports

  1. Cairo International Airport
  2. Borg El Arab International Airport (the second largest of Egypt)

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