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Higher Education in Egypt, Cairo

Egyptian Universities: Al-Azhar, Ain Shams, Port Said, Alexandria

Universities of Egypt (north-east Africa)

The Ministry of Higher Education supervises the tertiary education system in Egypt

  1. Egypt has the largest global education system in Africa
  2. About 30% of all the Egyptians are in the age group go to university. However, only half of them graduate.

Public Egyptian Universities

  1. Al-Azhar University (Cairo)
  2. University Ain Shams
  3. University of Alexandria
  4. University of Port Said
  5. University of Assiut
  6. University of Aswan
  7. BanUniversity
  8. University Beni-Suef
  9. Cairo University
  10. University Damanhour
  11. University of the Suez Canal
  12. University of Sciences and of Technology Egypt-Japan
  13. University Fayoum
  14. Damietta University (Shubra El Kheima)
  15. University Mansoura
  16. University Kafrelsheikh
  17. University of Helwan
  18. University Minia
  19. University of Sohag
  20. University of Minufiya
  21. University of Suez
  22. University of Tanta
  23. University of Sadat City
  24. University of Science and Technologies of Zewail City
  25. University Zagazig

Egyptian Private Universities

  1. Alamein University
  2. Canadian University Ahram
  3. American University in Cairo
  4. Arab Open University
  5. British University in Egypt
  6. Delta University for Science and Technology
  7. Russian-Egyptian University
  8. Chinese-Egyptian University
  9. Egyptian eLearning university
  10. El Asher University
  11. El Shorouk Academy
  12. German University in Cairo
  13. Nile University
  14. International University of Misr
  15. Misr University of Science and Technology
  16. University of Sciences and Modern Arts
  17. University of Heliopolis
  18. Modern University for Technology and Information
  19. MTI University
  20. University of Nahda
  21. University of October 6 (O6U)
  22. Pharos University of Alexandria
  23. Sinai University
  24. French University of Egypt
  25. New University of Giza

Egyptian Governorates (Source: Open maps) (Source: Open Maps)

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