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Art Exhibition: The Animal, A Sacred Symbol

African Art Exhibition: The Animal, A Sacred Symbol (Jesús Arjona)

Concept: Jesús Arjona Muñoz

Jesús Arjona Muñoz (African Art, Lobi, Burkina)

Jesús Arjona

Exhibition Concept “The Animal, A Sacred Symbol”

Within the African continent, there is a significant consideration for the figure of the animal, making it a sacred being. They embody the spirits of the forest, nature and creation.

These animals are represented in religious art, making sculptures or wooden masks that later come to life.

“…man becomes an animal to symbolise the sacred, the pure…”

Through a selection of works from all over Africa, this small exhibition wants to show that respect of the black man to nature and the different uses of the works.

Disciplines and works:

  1. Woodcarving
  2. Lost wax

Curatorial concept: Jesús Arjona Muñoz

Exhibition period: 15-30 days

Exhibition place: Any small space arranged in showcases and walls to deposit and hang the works. Minimum security measures.

Organisation of the Exhibition “The Animal, A Sacred Symbol”: Jesús Arjona and EENI Global Business School

EENI Global Business School is committed to the African development. One of the pillars of this commitment is collaboration in the worldwide dissemination of African culture and the African Traditional Religions.

Number of works: 10-15 works

Photos of the works of the Exhibition “The Animal, A Sacred Symbol”:

Photos: Jesús Arjona Muñoz

Senufo Mask “Kponyugo” (Ivory Coast), belonging to the secret society “Poro”. They are used for different rituals; Funerals, to punish enemies, to ward off the evil forces that seek to attack the village... Hence is reckless form.

Senufo Mask Kponyugo (Ivory Coast)

Bambara (Bamana) puppet of Mali, used in various rituals in order to entertain attendees
Bambara puppet Bamana, Mali

The Kpelie masks of the Senufo of Ivory Coast, represent beautiful women, are decorated with all kinds of hairstyles and headdresses of various shapes, choosing as main animals the Kallao or the chameleon, but also female figures.
These masks are used during the rituals of initiation to the cult and funerals.
Senufo Kpelie masks, Ivory Coast

The Kple-Kple masks appear during the “Goli” rituals of the Baulé (Ivory Coast). These rituals have a festive character that has evolved to this day to become one of the fun and fun festivals of the ethnic group.
Kple-Kple masks, Baulé, Ivory Coast

Bronze from Benin The leopard in the Kingdom of Benin is the animal linked to the king (Oba) he is the one who gives him the power to reign. This animal appears and disappears in his opinion. These works are intended to decorate the palaces of the kings.
Bronze King (Oba) Benin

Hyena mask of the Gurunsi, from Mali. These masks have a reckless form in order to ward off evil spirits.
Hyena Mask of the Gurunsi, Burkina Faso

Ewe Fetish (Ghana, Togo)
Ewe Fetish (Ghana, Togo)

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