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Kassala is the capital of the Kassala State in East Sudan (East Africa)

  1. كسل in Arabic
  2. Population of Kassala: 420,000 inhabitants
    1. Kassala is the fifth largest Sudanese city
  3. Kassala is an important commercial centre of East Sudan
  4. Important fruit production in Kassala
  5. Kassala is located on the Gash River banks
  6. Main ethnic group in Kassala: Beni Amir
  7. Elevation of Kassala: 505 metres
  8. 1840: foundation of Kassala by Muhammad Ali

Transport and Logistics in Kassala - Sudan

  1. Railway and Road: Khartoum - Kassala - Port-Sudan

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Wilaya (State) of Sudan: Kassala (capital)

  1. Kassala is the capital of the Kassala State
  2. كسل in Arabic
  3. Population of the Kassala State: 1.4 million people
  4. Area of the Kassala State: 36.710 km²
  5. Region: Al Bija (East Sudan)
  6. Other cities of the Kassala State: Aroma, Hamashkoraib, Halfa el Jadida, Khashm el Girba and Telkuk
  7. Most spoken languages in the Kassala State: Arabic and Tigri

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Higher Education in Kassala - Sudan

  1. Kassala University

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