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Transport in Sudan

Transport and Logistics in Sudan (Master in Business in Africa)

Maritime transport in Sudan (East Africa)

Port Sudan is the largest Port of Sudan

  1. Sudanese Cities: Suakin, Sinkat, Haya, Kassala, Arbara, Ab Damar, Ondurman, Khartoum, Wad Madani, Al Goled, Dongola, El-Obeid, Al Fashir, El Daein

Maritime Transportation Course: Port Sudan

  1. Other ports of Sudan: Port Oseif, Port of Prince Osman Digna and Wadi Halfa (river port)

Road Transport in Sudan

  1. Total: 11,900 kilometres
  2. Paved: 4,320 kilometres
  3. Road: El-Obeid-Khartoum (500 kilometres)
  4. Distance from Khartoum to Port-Sudan: 675 kilometres
  5. Road: Cameroon, Chad and Sudan.
  6. Chadian Road: N'Djamena, Sarh, Sudan
  7. National Road 2 of the Central African Republic: Bangui, Bambari, Bangassou, Bambouti (border of Sudan)

African Transport Corridors

N'Djamena-Djibouti Transafrican Highway

  1. Access to Ethiopia, Djibouti, Nigeria and Chad
  2. Sudan: 1,892 kilometres
  3. Cities of Sudan: Nyala, in Nahoud, Gallabat
  4. Link with the Transafrican Highway in En Nahoud (Sudan)
  5. Link with the Cairo-Gaborone Corridor in Senar (Sudan)

N'Djamena-Djibouti Transafrican Highway

Cairo-Gaborone Corridor

  1. Access to South Africa, Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe
  2. Sudan: 1,321 kilometres
  3. Cities of Sudan: Wadi Halfa, Omdurman, Karthoum, Doka, Gedaref, Galabat
  4. Link with the N'Djamena-Djibouti corridor in Senar (Sudan)

Cairo-Gaborone Corridor: Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe (Road Transport Course)

Northern Corridor

African Northern Corridor (Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda) Road Transport Course Master

Railways in Sudan

  1. 4,578 kilometres of narrow gauge Railway
  2. Railways Society of Sudan (SRC)
  3. Wadi Halfa (border with Egypt) - Khartoum  Railway
  4. Al Ubayyid, Sannar, Kusti Railway. Links to Nyala and Wau
  5. Lines linking Atbarah and Sannar in Port Sudan, and Sannar in Ad Damazin.
  6. Nile - Red Sea Railway: Khartoum, Wadi Halfa, Kassala, Port Sudan (Red Sea) El Obeid.

Study, Master Business in Sudan

Airports in Sudan

  1. Khartoum International Airport
  2. Mac Nimir Bridge Airport
  3. Port Sudan International Airport
  4. El-Obeid International Airport

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