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Foreign Trade and Business in Port Sudan (Sudan, East Africa)

Study a Doctorate / Master in International Business in Port Sudan (Republic of Sudan)

  1. Port Sudan is the capital of the Red Sea State of Sudan (East Africa)
    1. بورتسودان (Bur Sudan) in Arabic
  2. Population of Port Sudan: 490,000 inhabitants
    1. Port Sudan is the fourth city of Sudan
  3. Main economic activity in Port Sudan: port activities
  4. Climate: desert and warm
  5. 1905: foundation of Port Sudan by the British

Transport and Logistics in Port Sudan - Sudan

  1. Port Sudan is the largest Port of Sudan
    1. Port Sudan has the largest Container terminal in Sudan
    2. Oil terminal
    3. Oil refinery
    4. Port of Bashayr 1 and Bashayr 2
    5. Main exports of Port Sudan: Arabic gum, cotton, oil, cattle and leather
    6. Access to Sudanese cities: Suakin, Sinkat, Hague, Kassala, Arbara, Ab Damar, Ondurman, Khartou, Wad Madani, Al Goled, Dongola, The Obeid, Al Fashir, Daein
    7. Port of Suakin was the largest port in Sudan, currently Port Sudan has replaced the port of Suakin
  2. Distance from Port Sudan to Khartoum: 675 kilometres
  3. Nile - Red Sea Railway: Khartoum, Wadi Halfa, Kassala, Port Sudan
  4. Port Sudan - Khartoum Pipeline
  5. Port Sudan International Airport

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Sudanese Students from Port Sudan (Doctorate, Master)

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Logistics Course: Port Sudan

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Wilaya (State) of Sudan: Red Sea (capital)

Study, Master Business in Sudan

  1. البحر الأحمر in Arabic
  2. Port Sudan is the capital of the Red Sea State
  3. Population: 1.4 million people
  4. Area: 212,800 square kilometres
  5. Main ethnic group of Port Sudan: Beja (65% of the population)
  6. Administrative regions of the Red Sea State: Port Sudan, Gebiet Elma'din, Halayib, Haya, Sawakin, Sinkat, Gunob Awlieb, Derodieb, Tokar and Ageeg.
  7. Region: Al Bija (East Sudan)

Higher Education in Port Sudan - Sudan

  1. Red Sea University

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