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Trade and Business in Dodoma, Tanzania

Business in Dodoma: political capital of Tanzania, Gogo (Master)

Dodoma is the political and administrative capital of Tanzania (East Africa).

  1. Dodoma: “sank down”, in Gogo language
  2. Population of Dodoma: 0,4 million people
    1. Dodoma is the largest Tanzanian city after Dar es Salaam
  3. Main economic activity in Dodoma: public administration
  4. Main agricultural products in Dodoma: coffee, tea and tobacco
  5. House of the Parliament of Tanzania
  6. Elevation of Dodoma: 1,120 metres

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  1. Main ethnicities of Dodoma: Gogo, Rangi and Sandawe
  2. Religion: Christianity (Roman Catholic Church)
    1. Cathedral of Dodoma
  3. 1907: foundation of Dodoma (History of Tanzania)

Transport and Logistics in Dodoma - Tanzania

Road transport in Tanzania (Source: OECD)

  1. Dodoma - Dar es Salaam Highway via the Morogoro region to the east.
  2. Roads to Mwanza and Kigoma passing through Tabora.
  3. Central Railway (Dar es Salaam)
  4. Dodoma Airport
  5. Distances from Dodoma to:
    1. Dar es Salaam: 453 kilometres
    2. Arusha: 441 kilometres
  6. Cairo-Gaborone Corridor
  7. Central Corridor
  8. Asia-Africa Growth Corridor

Port of Dar es-Salaam (Tanzania). Access to Burundi, Congo (DR), Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, and Zambia

Tanzanian Region (centre): Dodoma (urban district)
  1. Capital of the Dodoma region: Dodoma
  2. Population of the Dodoma region: 2 million people
  3. The Dodoma region produces beans, seeds, grains, peanuts, coffee, tea and tobacco
  4. Districts of the Dodoma region: Dodoma city, Dodoma rural, Kondoa, Mpwapwa and Kongwa

Higher Education in Dodoma - Tanzania

  1. University of Dodoma
  2. University St. John of Tanzania

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