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Higher Education in Tanzania

Public and private Universities in Tanzania (Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates)

Ministry of Education of Tanzania

Public universities in Tanzania (East Africa)

  1. University of Dar es-Salaam / Dar es-Salaam
  2. Open University of Tanzania / Dar es Salaam
  3. Muhimbili University of Health and Related Sciences / Dar es Salaam
  4. University of Agriculture Sokoine / Morogoro
  5. University Ardhi / Dar es-Salaam
  6. University of State of Zanzibar / Zanzibar
  7. University Mzumbe / Morogoro
  8. Nelson Mandela African Institute of Sciences and Technologies / Arusha
  9. University of Dodoma / Dodoma
  10. Katavi University of Agriculture / Katavi
  11. University of Sciences and Technologies of Mbeya / Mbeya

Private universities in Tanzania

  1. University Memorial Hubert Kairuki / Dar es Salaam
  2. International Medical and Technological University / Dar es Salaam
  3. University of Bagamoyo / Dar es Salaam
  4. University St. Joseph in Tanzania / Dar es Salaam
  5. United African University of Tanzania / Dar es Salaam
  6. International University of Tanzania / Dar es Salaam
  7. University Tumaini Makumira / Arusha
  8. University Monte Meru / Arusha
  9. University of Arusha / Arusha
  10. University San Agustin of Tanzania / Mwanza
  11. University of Zanzibar / Zanzibar Urban
  12. University Teofilo Kisanji / Mbeya
  13. Muslim University of Morogoro / Morogoro
  14. University St. John's of Tanzania / Dodoma
  15. University Eckernforde Tanga / Tanga
  16. Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University / Tanga
  17. Catholic University of Health and Related Sciences / Mwanza
  18. University of Iringa / Iringa

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