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History of Tanzania

History of Tanzania (Doctorate in African Business)

Olduvai gorge (Tanzania, East Africa): The oldest hominid settlements

  1. 10,000 years ago: Tanzania was populated by hunter-gatherers, probably of Khoisan origin.
  2. 3,000 - 6,000 years ago: Cuscitic peoples arrive from the northern
    1. Introduction of agriculture and livestock
  3. Second millennium: Bantu migrations from West Africa
  4. Nilotic shepherds arrive
  5. First millennium: contacts with Arab and Indian merchants
  6. Introduction of Swahili (Bantu)
  7. 1200 - 1500: the city of Kilwa, capital of Swahili Civilisation
  8. Islamisation of the Swahili coast
  9. 14th century: Ibn Battuta visits Kilwa
  10. 1498: the Portuguese Vasco da Gama arrives
  11. 1505: the Portuguese capture the island of Zanzibar
  12. 18th century: Oman conquers the island of Zanzibar
  13. 1840: Zanzibar: the capital of Oman (Sultan Seyyid Said)
  14. Slave Trade Centre by the Arabs
  15. 1857: British explorers (Richard Burton and John Speke)
  16. 1866: David Livingstone
  17. 1884: Society for the German Colonisation
  18. 1885: Berlin Conference
  19. 1885-1919. German East Africa
    1. Resistance of the population
    2. 1905 - 1907: Maji Maji's armed rebellion against German colonial rule (300,000 dead)
  20. 1907: foundation of Dodoma
  21. 1920: transfer of the German East Africa to the United Kingdom (mandate of the League of Nations)
    1. In 1928, the railway line Tabora-Mwanza was opened to traffic
    2. Moshi line in Arusha opened in 1930
  22. 1947: Tanganyika becomes a Trust Territory of the United Nations under British control.
  23. 1954: Julius Nyerere (political party - African National Union Tanganyika)
  24. 1961: Tanganyika becomes independent, while retaining the British monarch as the queen of Tanganyika, and Nyerere becomes prime minister
  25. Zanzibar gained its Independence from the United Kingdom on December 10, 1963, as a constitutional monarchy under the Sultan's regency.
  26. Nyerere introduces African socialism (Ujamaa)
  27. 1964: the Republic of Tanganyika and the Republic of Zanzibar and Pemba join to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.
  28. The United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar change their name to become the United Republic of Tanzania
  29. 1978: Ugandan forces under Idi Amin invade Tanzania, beginning the war between Uganda and Tanzania

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