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Trade and Business in Mwanza, Tanzania

Study in Mwanza, Tanzania (East Africa, Master in International Business).

Mwanza is the capital of the Mwanza region of Tanzania (East Africa).

  1. Mwanza is on the south-east coast of Lake Victoria, in north-western Tanzania
  2. Population of Mwanza: 0,8 million people
    1. Mwanza is the second largest Tanzanian city after Dar es Salaam
  3. Main economic activity in Mwanza: fishing (Lake Victoria)
    1. Five fish processing factories in the Mwanza region
    2. Nile perch exports

Transport and Logistics in Mwanza - Tanzania

  1. Port of Mwanza (Victoria Lake)
  2. Mwanza International Airport
  3. Railway to Shinyanga and Dar es Salaam, via Dodoma, Tabora and Kigoma.
  4. Access to the Central Corridor
  5. National Road 2b of Rwanda: Kayonza - Kibungo - Rusumo (Tanzanian border, road towards Mwanza)

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Tanzanian Students from Mwanza (Doctorate, Master)

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Road transport in Tanzania (Source: OECD)

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  1. Climate: tropical savanna
  2. Altitude: 1,140 metres
  3. Main ethnic group in Mwanza: Sukuma (90 % of the population of the Mwanza region)
  4. National Parks: Saanane Island, Serengeti and Rubondo Island
  5. Sukuma Museum (Bujor, History of Tanzania)
Tanzanian Region: Mwanza
  1. Capital of the Mwanza region: Mwanza
  2. Population of the Mwanza region: 2,7 million people
  3. Districts of the Mwanza region: Nyamagana, Ukerewe, Magu, Sengerema, Geita, Misungwi and Ilemela
  4. Contiguous regions: Geita, Shinyanga and Simiyu

Access to the Port of Dar es Salam

Logistics Course: Port of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

Higher Education in Mwanza - Tanzania

  1. Saint Augustine University of Tanzania
  2. Catholic University of Health and Related Sciences

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  1. Arusha
  2. Dodoma

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