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Zambian History (Doctorate in Business in Africa)

History of Zambia (Southern Africa)

  1. 2,000 years: the first inhabitants were the Khoisan Bushmen (hunter-gatherers)
  2. XIIth century: Bantu migration
    1. Tonga (or Batonga)
    2. Nkoya
  3. XVII- XVIII centuries: immigration of the Luba and Lunda (the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Northern Angola)
    1. The European explorers arrive to the region (David Livingstone)
  4. 19th century: British protectorates of north-west Rhodesia and north-east Rhodesia
    1. Nguni Immigration (Mfecane)
    2. Kingdom of Cazembe, Luba Empire and Luunda Empire
    3. 1890: colonial penetration of the British Company of South Africa (Cecil Rhodes)
    4. 1899: foundation of Chipata
  5. 1905: foundation of Lusaka by the British
  6. 1900 - 1911: Fort Jameson (Chipata) was the capital of the British Protectorate of north-west Rhodesia
  7. 1911: merging of North-west Rhodesia and North-east Rhodesia to form Northern Rhodesia
  8. 1935: Lusaka replaces Livingstone as the capital of Northern Rhodesia (British colony)
  9. 1936: founding of Kitwe. Construction of the railway by the company of Cecil Rhodes.
  10. 1964: Independence (United Kingdom)
  11. Kenneth Kaunda, Prime Minister.
    1. The Party of Socialist Independence (UNIP) of Kaunda maintained the power between 1964 and 1991.
  12. 1964 - 1991: Party of Socialist Independence (UNIP) of Kenneth Kaunda
  13. Rhodesian War
  14. 1987: South African air strike against the capital of Zambia, Lusaka
  15. 2011 - 2014: Michael Sata, Zambian President

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