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Trade and Business in Kitwe, Copperbelt

Foreign Trade and Business in Kitwe, Copperbelt, Kitwe-Nkana, Ndola, Zambia

Kitwe (Kitwe-Nkana) is the capital of the Copperbelt Region of Zambia (Southern Africa)

  1. Population of Kitwe: 0.5 million inhabitants
    1. Kitwe is the second largest Zambian city after the capital Lusaka (the third city is Chipata)
  2. Kitwe is one of the most developed commercial and industrial zones of Zambia

Transport and Logistics in Kitwe - Zambia

  1. Railway: Kitwe, Livingstone, Lusaka and Ndola
  2. The main Zambian Road running through the Copperbelt extends from south-east to north-west through Kitwe, Ndola (south-east) and Nchanga, Chingola and Chililabombwe (north-west)
  3. Distances from Kitwe to:
    1. Lusaka: 286 kilometres
    2. Ndola: 149 kilometres
    3. Lubumbashi (DR Congo): 149 kilometres
  4. Airports: Southdowns and Ndola
  5. Access to the Cairo-Gaborone Corridor
  6. Asia-Africa Growth Corridor
  7. Access to the Ports of Beira and Nacala (Mozambique).
    1. Maputo Development Corridor
    2. Distance from Kitwe to the Port of Beira: 1,370 kilometres

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  1. Zambian Province: Copperbelt or Kopala (Ndola)
  2. Zambian District: Kitwe (capital)
  3. Kitwe is in north-central Zambia
  4. 98% of Kitwe's population is Christian

Lobito-Beira Corridor (Trans-African Highway 9)

Zambian Province: Copperbelt (Kopala)

The capital of the Copperbelt province (Kopala) is Ndola

  1. Area of the Copperbelt province: 31,328 km².
  2. Population of the Copperbelt province: 2.3 million inhabitants
  3. Mineral-rich copper belt
  4. Copper mines in Nkana
    1. Mopani Copper Mines
  5. Large agricultural areas
  6. Main cities of the Copperbelt province: Kitwe, Ndola, Mufulira, Luanshya, Chingola and Chililabombwe
  7. Districts of the Copperbelt province: Chililabombwe, Chingola, Kalulushi, Kitwe, Luanshya, Lufwanyama, Masaiti, Mpongwe, Mufulira and Ndola
  8. Border of the Copperbelt province: the DR Congo (Lubumbashi)
    1. Railway toward the Congo

Port of Maputo (Mozambique)

Higher Education in Kitwe - Zambia

  1. Copperbelt University
  2. Copperstone University
  3. Catholic University of Zambia
History of Zambia - Kitwe
  1. 1936: foundation of Kitwe
    1. Construction of the Railway by the company of Cecil Rhodes.

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