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Trade and Business in Moanda (Upper Ogooué, Gabon)

Doing Business in Moanda (Upper Ogooué, the Gabonese Republic), Central Africa, Master in International Business

Moanda is the main economic centre of Upper Ogooué Province of Gabon (Central Africa)

  1. Moanda is one of the most important manganese mining cities in the world
    1. Ogooué Mining Company (COMILOG) on the Bangombe Plateau
    2. COMILOG exports 3.5 million tons of manganese per year
    3. Gabon is one of the three world largest manganese exporter
  2. Closure of uranium mines
  3. Distance from Moanda to Franceville: 31 kilometres
  4. Population of Moanda: 42,000 inhabitants
  5. Province: Upper Ogooué
  6. Department: Lemboumbi-Leyou (54,000 inhabitants)

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Business in Gabon (Master, Doctorate)

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Transport and Logistics in Moanda (Gabon)

Moanda, one of the largest cities of Gabon, is in the National Road N3 (Franceville to Libreville) in the Upper Ogooué: 735 kilometres (12 hours)

Logistics Course: Ports of Gabon

  1. Moanda station (located outside the city, north of the Bangombe plateau)
  2. Moanda station is the last stop before Franceville, at the southern end of the Franceville-Libreville railway (Trans-Gabonese, 669 kilometres).
  3. The road to the Republic of the Congo passes between Mount Moanda and Mount Boundinga.
  4. Distance from Moanda to the Republic of the Congo: 100 kilometres
  5. Moanda - Port-Gentil (there is no road available): three hours by plane

Higher Education in Moanda (Gabon)

  1. Neither University in Moanda

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