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Business in Libreville, Gabon

Foreign Trade in Libreville (Estuary, Business Gabon), Owendo, Komo river, wood trade

Libreville is the political and administrative capital of Gabon (Central Africa)

  1. The population of Libreville is 850,000 inhabitants (the largest city of Gabon, 50% of the Gabonese population)
    1. All the Gabonese ethnic groups are present in Libreville
    2. Strong immigration of Nigerians and Beninese
  2. Libreville is a port (Owendo) on the Komo river, near the Gulf of Guinea
    1. Komo River crosses Libreville and pours its waters into the Ocean
    2. Komo River also represents a potential source of hydroelectric power for Libreville
  3. Libreville is the most important wood commercial centre (okoumé) in Central Africa
  4. The leading industries in Libreville are shipbuilding, brewing and sawmills
  5. Main exports of Libreville are wood, rubber and cocoa
  6. The headquarters of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) are in Libreville
  7. Gabon Airlines is based in Libreville

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Gabonese Students from Libreville (Business)

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Foreign Trade and Business in Gabon

  1. 77% of the population are francophone
  2. Main religion in Libreville is Christianity
    1. Archdiocese of Libreville
  3. Gabonese Province: Estuary (capital)
  4. Libreville is on the north-west coast of Gabon (Gulf of Guinea)
    1. Mouth delta of the Komo River
  5. From north to south, the main neighbourhoods of Libreville are the residential area Batterie IV, Quartier Louis (nightlife), Mont-Bouët (the largest Gabonese market) and Nombakélé (shopping areas), Glass (first European establishment in Gabon), Oloumi (large industrial area) and Lalala, a residential area
  6. Climate of Libreville: tropical

Foreign Trade and Business in Libreville Gabon

  1. National Museum of Arts and Traditions
  2. Akanda National Park
  3. Mpongwe are a Gabonese ethnic group; They were the first known inhabitants of the Estuary and Libreville region.
  4. Slave Trade
  5. 1849: foundation of Libreville (freed slaves)
  6. Mpongwe Kingdom
  7. Early twentieth century: Libreville was the capital of the French Congo

Estuary Province (North-West of Gabon)

The capital of the Gabonese Estuary Province is Libreville

  1. Population of the Estuary Province: 900,000 inhabitants (the most populated of Gabon)
  2. Area of the Estuary Province: 20,740 km²
  3. Contiguous Provinces: Woleu-Ntem and Moyen-Ogooué
  4. National Parks of Akanda and Pongara

Foreign Trade and Business in Gabon

The five departments of the Estuary Province are:

  1. Libreville (Libreville)
  2. Komo (Kango)
  3. Komo-Mondah (Ntoum)
  4. Komo-Ocean (Ndzomoe)
  5. Noya (Cocobeach)

The seven communes of the Estuary Province of Gabon are:

  1. Libreville
  2. Owendo
  3. Akanda
  4. Ntoum
  5. Cocobeach
  6. Kango
  7. Ndzomoe

Border of the Estuary Province: Equatorial Guinea (Continental Region)

Transport and Logistics in Libreville (Gabon)

Port of Libreville

Ports of Gabon

  1. Owendo Industrial zone
  2. Export of regional products

There is no Road linking Libreville with Port-Gentil (144 kilometres, it is necessary to use river or maritime transport).

Distance from Franceville to Libreville (National Road 3 by Moanda): 735 kilometres (12 hours)

Distance to Oyem: 411 kilometres

Gabon: road Libreville-Franceville

Franceville-Libreville Railway (Trans-Gabonese, 669 kilometres)

  1. Exports: minerals and wood by the port of Owendo (Libreville)
  2. Export: manganese (Haut-Ogoué)

Transriver port (1.600 kilometres) available between Port-Gentil and the port of Owendo

Léon Mba International Airport

Higher Education in Libreville (Gabon)

  1. Omar Bongo University
  2. Continental University of Libreville
  3. National School of Waters and Forests (ENEF)
  4. Higher Institute of Technology (IST)
  5. National School of Administration (ENA)

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