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Business in Port-Gentil, Gabon

Foreign Trade in Port-Gentil: economic capital of Gabon (Ogooué-Maritim, Bendjé)

Port-Gentil (Mandji) is the capital of the Ogooué Maritime province of Gabon (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Port-Gentil: 137,000 inhabitants (the second Gabonese city)
    1. 1947: 4,500
    2. 1960: 21,000
  2. Port-Gentil is the Gabonese economic capital: 75% of the Gabonese GDP
  3. Port-Gentil is the main Gabonese maritime port
  4. The main economic activities in Port-Gentil are port activities, oil industry and wood industry
    1. SOGARA (Gabonese Refining Company)
    2. Natural gas refinery
  5. The city centre is next to the port, in Port-Gentil Bay.
  6. Port-Gentil is located on the island of Mandji; no bridge connects it to the mainland.

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Gabonese Students from Port-Gentil (Business)

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Foreign Trade and Business in Gabon

  1. Gabonese Province: Ogooué Maritime (capital)
  2. Gabonese Department: Bendjé (141,000 inhabitants)
  3. The main religion in Port-Gentil is Christianity
    1. Diocese of Port-Gentil
  4. Climate of Port-Gentil: tropical
  5. 1900: creation of Port-Gentil

Transport and Logistics in Port-Gentil (Gabon)

Project: Road from Port-Gentil to Omboué

Distances from Port-Gentil to:

  1. Libreville: 144 kilometres - neither road available, only by Air or ship
  2. Franceville (Moanda)- neither road available: three hours by air

Ports of Gabon

Port-Gentil International Airport

Ogooué Maritime province (Gabon)

The capital of the Gabonese Ogooué Maritime province is Port-Gentil

  1. Population of the Ogooué-Maritim province: 157,000 inhabitants (the second Gabonese most populated province)
  2. Area of the Ogooué-Maritim province: 22,890 km²
  3. Contiguous Provinces: Estuary, Moyen-Ogooué, Nyanga and Ngounié
  4. Main economic activities: oil and forestry exploitation.

The three departments of the Ogooué Maritime province are:

  1. Bendjé (Port-Gentil)
  2. Etimboué (Omboué)
  3. Ndougou (Gamba)

Higher Education in Port-Gentil (Gabon)

  1. Institute of Petroleum and Gas of Gabon (IPG)

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