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Foreign Trade and Business in Oyem (Woleu-Ntem, Woleu, Gabon)

Doing Business in Oyem (Woleu-Ntem, Woleu, Gabon), Central Africa, Master in International Business

Oyem is the capital of the Woleu-Ntemprovince in the North of Gabon (Central Africa)

  1. Population of Oyem: 61,000 inhabitants (the fourth largest city of Gabon, after Libreville, Port-Gentil and Franceville, Moanda)
    1. 1993: 22,404
    2. 2003: 35,241
  2. Oyem is a commercial hub between Gabon, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea
  3. The main export products of Oyem are cocoa, coffee, rubber and apples
  4. Export products are transported by truck to the Cameroonian ports of Kribi and Douala

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Foreign Trade and Business in Gabon (Doctorate)


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  1. Main ethnicities in Oyem are Fang, Hausa (Muslims), Fula and Bamileke
  2. Main languages are Fang and French
  3. Main religion in Oyem is Christianity
  4. Gabonese Province: Woleu-Ntem (capital)
  5. Gabonese Department: Woleu (capital)
  6. Elevation of Oyem: 650 meters

Transport and Logistics in Oyem (Gabon)

National Road 2: Ambam (Cameroon), Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

  1. Anonébéré, Bifoun, Alembe, Viate, Mitzic, Bibasse, Oyem, Bitam, Éboro, Cameroon

Distance Oyem-Libreville: 411 kilometres

Maritime Transportation Course: Ports of Gabon

Oyem Ewormekok Airport (1 hour to Libreville)

Woleu-Ntem Province (North of Gabon)

The capital of the Gabonese Woleu-Ntem Province is Oyem

  1. The main cities of the Woleu-Ntem Province are Bitam, Minvoul, Mitzic and M'douneu
  2. Population of the Woleu-Ntem Province: 155,000 inhabitants
  3. Area of the Woleu-Ntem Province: 38,465 square kilometres
  4. Contiguous Provinces: Estuary and Moyen-Ogooué
  5. Important cocoa and rubber production
  6. Important cross-border commercial activity with Cameroon (bridge over the Ntem river in Eboro), Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of the Congo
  7. Minkébé National Park

The five departments of the Woleu-Ntem Province are:

  1. Haut-Komo (Medouneu)
  2. Haut-Ntem (Minvoul)
  3. Ntem (Bitam)
  4. Okano (Mitzic)
  5. Woleu (Oyem)

Borders of the Gabonese Woleu-Ntem Province:

  1. Cameroon (South Region)
  2. Equatorial Guinea (West)
  3. Republic of the Congo (Sangha)

Higher Education in Oyem (Gabon)

  1. Neither University in Oyem

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