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Foreign Trade and Business in Malabo, Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Business in Malabo (Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa, Masters and Doctorates in Global Business)

Malabo is the capital of Equatorial Guinea (Central Africa) and the second largest city (250,000 malabeños)

  1. Malabo is the commercial and financial centre of Equatorial Guinea.
  2. Public administration, trade and services are the pillars of the economy of Malabo
  3. Oil wells near the coast of Malabo
  4. Main industry in Malabo: fishing industry
  5. Main export products: cocoa and coffee
  6. The headquarters of the Bank of Central African States are in Malabo.
  7. Malabo is the capital of the Bioko North province

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  1. Location of Malabo: North of Bioko Island
  2. Main languages of Malabo: Fang (70% of malabeños), Bubi and Spanish
  3. Main religion in Malabo: Christianity and the African Traditional Religions
  4. Climate of Malabo: tropical and humid
  5. Spain Cultural Centre of Malabo (CCEM)
  6. Modern Art Museum of Equatorial Guinea
  7. 1827: foundation of Malabo (port Clarence) by the British
  8. 1855: Colonisation by the Spaniards, the capital Puerto Clarence is renamed to Santa Isabel. The capital of the Island of Fernando Poo becomes the capital of Spanish Guinea.
  9. Its current name (Malabo) was given in 1973 as part of President Francisco Macías Nguema's campaign to replace the names of places of European origin with African proper names, in honour of Malabo Lopelo Melaka, the last King Bubi
  10. Malabo = Santa Isabel (by the Spaniards)

Bioko North province (Malabo)

  1. Population of the Bioko North province of Equatorial Guinea: 410,000 inhabitants
  2. Area of the Bioko North province: 1,241 square kilometres.
  3. Borders of the Bioko North province: Cameroon (North) and Gabon (South)
  4. Bioko is located to 50 kilometres from the Cameroonian coast.
  5. The two districts of the Bioko North province are:
    1. Baney
    2. Malabo

Transport and Logistics in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)

  1. During the rainy season, Roads are often impassable without a vehicle with four-wheel drive.
  2. Project to improve paved roads from Malabo to Luba and Riaba

The port of Malabo has road links to the ports of Douala (Cameroon) and Bata

Maritime Transportation Course: Ports of Equatorial Guinea

Malabo-Santa Isabel Airport

Higher Education in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)

  1. National University of Equatorial Guinea

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