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Official African languages by country

African Languages: Afro-Asiatic, Nile-Saharan, Niger-Congo, Khoisan, Austronesian

EENI Commitment to the African Development: empowerment of the African Languages - African languages

Official African Languages by Country (Doctorate Africa)

In addition to the “importedlanguages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish), the following African languages are official in Africa (non-exhaustive list):

Afro-Asiatic Languages

  1. Arab in the Comoros, Chad, Djibouti​, Egypt, Eritrea, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco
  2. Berber in Morocco and Algeria
  3. Amharic in Ethiopia
  4. Somali in Somalia
  5. Tigrinya in Eritrea


  1. Malagasy in Madagascar


  1. Afrikaans in South Africa

Niger-Congo Languages

  1. Chewa in Malawi and Zimbabwe
  2. Comorian in The Comoros
  3. Kinyarwanda in Rwanda
  4. Kirundi in Burundi
  5. Sesotho in Lesotho, in South Africa and Zimbabwe
  6. Setswana/Tswana in Botswana and South Africa
  7. Shona and Sindebele in Zimbabwe
  8. Sepedie in South Africa
  9. Ndebele in South Africa
  10. Swahili in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda
  11. Swati in Swaziland and South Africa
  12. Tsonga in South Africa
  13. Vendre in South Africa
  14. Xhosa in South Africa
  15. Zulu in South Africa

Creole languages

  1. Mauritian Creole in Mauritius
  2. Sango in the Central African Republic
  3. Seychellois Creole in the Seychelles

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Paterson Ngatchou: EENI African Academic Coordinator
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